Vacation In Cool Affordable Places

Do you ever have the sudden burst of energy to travel around the world but that motivation is instantly crushed when you realize you have no money in your account? Well fret not! There are still some vacation places that you can afford without having to sell your kidneys.

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one great cheap tourist place with whales, dolphins, wild animals and national parks where one can enjoy a memorable vacation without going too hard on the pockets. Once there, if you dread coming back to work, you can just chill with the dolphins. They’re quite friendly.


Marked with great mountain sceneries and white sands, this is another super cheap holiday place where there are several local activities and traditions that one can indulge in.


The country might be small in size, but it offers an incomparable and breath-taking view of the highest mountains and snow filled peaks and that too, in a very reasonable budget, making it one very worthy cheap holiday destination.


Known for its cultural diversity, India can offer you load of activities to do whether it is visiting the monumental buildings or visiting hill stations or eating desi foods or staying in luxurious hotels and in a very economical price.


Thailand is definitely a must-visit place if you’re fond of beaches. It has serene islands and beaches in affordable prices.


Europe tours are incomplete without stopping at Hungary because this historical country offers you a complete package of affordable vacations with hills, lakes, local activities and what not!


This beautifully gifted place if full of impressive and intricate plains, rivers, lakes, forests and snow-capped mountain peaks, which will definitely not burden your pocket. It’ll also give you a relaxing time!

These are the places you should check out if you want to have an affordable vacation that does not bankrupt you!

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