Telltale Signs That You Have a High Blood Pressure

With the increasing issues nowadays, it is no surprise that people might experience high blood pressure due to stress and tension. Whether it a teenager or an adult, high blood pressure causes problems in your routine, which is why it is absolutely necessary to know about the following symptoms. Below we’ve collected some of the most common symptoms.

Severe Headache

It is important to rest when you’ve a severe headache. Many people ignore this condition, but it should not be ignored, as it can also lead to dizziness.

Shortness of Breath

High blood pressure can often cause problems in breathing and it is important you contact your doctor if you experience this.

Chest Pain

Chest pain can mean several heart related issues and should not be ignored at any cost.


This is one of the most common signs of high blood pressure.

Blurred or Double Vision

It is possible that you fail to focus on things and have blurred vision.

Blood in the urine

This means that you should go to the doctor and get it examined immediately.

Fatigue and anxiety

Unnecessary worrying and being tired if you haven’t done physical exertion is also a symptom.

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Pounding sensation in the neck, chest, or ears

It can also be felt as if you’re hearing your own heartbeat. You should be concerned if this is something you are regularly feeling.

You should bear in mind that we are not health professionals so if you notice any of these signs, you should go see a doctor. Only a certified doctor can help diagnose your condition and then prescribe you the treatment you need.

This is a common health condition and fortunately there is a lot of research done on this. So, you can rest assure that there are proper treatments and methods to deal with it.

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