Some Cool Gift Ideas To Try Out

A random gift on a birthday or a random day is sure to bring a sweet smile on their faces. And the best kinds of gifts are the ones that you make yourself because it shows how much effort you put into making something for them. So here are a few simple and cute ideas for you to make to give to your loved ones!

Make an Exploding box

The exploding box is a cute little album in which you can combine your pictures and reminisce about some of the memorable moments you’ve spent with them. You can also write a short message for them to read in their center. Here is a YouTube link to help you make it.

Bracelet Crafted with Your Own Handwriting

This bracelet with your own handwriting is something that will always make them feel that you are close to them. You can choose to give them a message or anything that you want. Here is a website where you can order it online.

Transform Your Shirt into a Memory Pillow

The best thing about this one is that you can give it to anyone; friends, parents, siblings, or a life partner. You can even transform your grandparents’ shirt into a pillow and give it to your parents. This will make them so emotional, and they’ll surely love it. They wouldn’t have to throw away their clothes either this way. Here’s how you can make it.

Gift Homemade Mugs

No, I do not mean that you’re going to make the mugs at home, but decorate them. It’s one of the most simple and beautiful ideas to give to the ones you love which will also prove to be useful. You can put glitter on them, write a message, paint them, or even get a picture printed on it. Here is a link to give you some ideas.

DIY Photo Frame

This old but gold idea never goes out of fashion. You can make a cute frame with only minimum things available and yet make sure to imprint your name in their hearts. There is absolutely no limit to how you can decorate the frame. Use some spare beads from an old necklace, some marbles, rope, buttons, and why throw away eggshells when you can use them to make a photo frame? Yes, anything will work! Here is a tutorial on how to do that.

Gift a Homemade Decorated Bottle

It’s also economical because you’ll only need things that you already have at home. And even if you have to buy new stuff, it will be quite cheap. Again, you have no limitations on how to decorate it. Use ropes, buttons, glitter, pearls, paints, plastic flowers, etc. You can even paste pictures of yourself with the loved one on it. The simplest way is to use a pen marker and write a message. Here is a link to some ideas on how to decorate a bottle.

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