Random Life Hacks To Make Life Awesome

Even when we have nothing productive to do, we are in an endless search for tricks and hacks so that we can take better naps. For all the lazy bums out there, here are 10 life hacks which will make life awesome and save time so we can go back to doing what we love doing – absolutely nothing!

Waterproof your shoes

Waterproof Your Shoes
Source: Ane Ventures

To make your shoes waterproof, you need to rub beeswax over it, then blow dry it till it completely melts, and that’s it!

Un-jamming the vending machine


If anything is stuck in the vending machine, don’t buy another of the same thing but buy something from the shelf above it to un-jam it!

Get rid of smells

Get rid of smells

Keeping tea bags inside smelly shoes will help in getting rid of the unpleasant odor!

Fall asleep in seconds

Fall Asleep in seconds

If you are unable to fall asleep, tire your eyes out by blinking fast for almost a minute and you’ll drift off soon.

Keep the dustbin dry

Keep the dustbin dry
Source:Amazon India

If you add old newspapers to the bottom of dustbins, they will absorb the water or juice content from the waste you add in it.

Shape up your garden

Shape up your garden

If you want to kill the weeds, add white vinegar to them.

Make your shoes fit

Make Your Shoes Fit

If your shoes are too tight, stuff them with wet newspaper and dry it out before removing it from the shoes and then your shoes will fit perfectly.

Make your laundry smell good

Make your laundry smell good
Source:A Wolf among Wolves

Keeping scented soaps with dirty clothes or laundry will make sure that the clothes do not retain bad smells.

Remove toilet stains

Remove Toilet Stains
Source:Life Cheating

Adding Coca Cola to the toilet overnight and then washing with regular detergents will clean all stains from the toilet.

Make calls without network!

Make Calls Without Network

To call 911, you can use any cell phone regardless of whether it has service network on it or not!

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