Detox Diets: A Lucrative Scam You Don’t Need

For a couple of years, the word detox diet has been thrown around in magazines and celebrity sponsored posts everywhere. It’s thought to cleanse your mind, body and life in general. In other words, a detox diet is the millennial potion of the century. But what really is it and does it work? Dieticians and nutritionists end up earning a whole lot of money by selling these plans for the detox diets. But are they worth anything or is it all just a scam?

What Detox Diet Allegedly Does

It’s a short term diet process that allows you to eradicate all toxins from your body and become healthier. All dietary toxins are processed away through the use of an elaborate and mathematical methods. Detox diet allows the body to lower the harmful and unwanted chemicals that we consume and instead focus on useful nutrients and vitamins.

We Don’t Really Need Detox Diets…

A detox diet allegedly claims to transform your body and life overnight. It’s believed that if you stay consistent to a detox diet than you can lose weight, be more productive and basically become Bradley Cooper in the movie Limitless. But there is no concrete scientific evidence to justify all of these claims.

Realistically speaking, our bodies don’t even require an elaborate detox diet. Apart from the special cases of a difficult or life threatening disease, the body is pretty good at removing toxins on its own.The universe designed human bodies as something that regulates and corrects itself constantly. Thank your kidney and liver for that.

Detox Diets Actually Harmful

Detox diets consist of a minuscule diet of just celery or consuming liquids. Undoubtedly, this isn’t enough to satiate the hunger. So, when you’re starved out of your mind on this “special” detox diet, you end up feeling weakness and nausea. This leads to unwanted illnesses and deteriorating health. Plus, your body stops getting an ample amount of vitamins and minerals. People suffering from diabetes should especially stay away from this detox diet scam because it can trigger very lower levels of blood sugar which is harmful.

Also, any weight you lose will come back to you after you resume your normal diet.

The Special Teas and Supplements Give  Diarrhea

Any special tea or supplements that the experts in the dietician industry recommend is more often than not just a hoax. More often than not, these items create opportunities for diarrhea. And that’s if you’re lucky. It can cause worse side effects than those.

Cost of Detox Diet

Nutritionists and Dieticians themselves have pretty high fees for consultations, if you want to go to a good one that is anyway. If that degree holder doctor somehow recommends you a detox diet then you should best be prepared to have a heavy heart because you need to empty your wallets for this elaborate diet. According to a Business Insider article, people on the detox diet need to buy $40 worth of groceries each day!

So, detox diets aren’t helpful, actually detrimental and end up costing a lot. A better way is to find a suitable and healthier alternative for it. Always question your doctors before readily accepting a detox diet and explore other options. Cutting out junk food that contain excessive amounts of sugar and salt would be a good start. Incorporating healthy food into your normal diet and slowly letting go of bad eating habits will make you healthier.

Your liver and kidney is already working on removing toxins on its own. They don’t need an external help in the forms of a detox diet, but staying hydrated would certainly help.

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