Countries Where You Can Study For Free

What can be better than studying abroad and that too, without having to sell your house? We all hate college but if it’s somewhere in these places, how bad can it be? (Life, I’m not throwing any challenges at you so please don’t take it to your heart). Here are 7 countries that offer little or no tuition fee so you need to get a move on with your applications! You would be surprised at this list of countries where you can study for free.


One of the most popular student destinations, public universities at Brazil offer free tuition to even international students and all they need to do is pay an affordable registration cost at the start of the semester.


Even when living costs are relatively high in Norway, the country offers free education to both students from the European Union and to foreigners. Almost all public university courses are free minus some exceptional ones.


Most public universities at Germany offer education with no tuition fee to both national and international students and the only cost a student has to cover is some administration fees and that’s it. But for some universities it’s mandatory to know German and pass a language test of it.


Universities at Mexico charge very reasonable tuition fee for public universities i.e. approximately $5500 and since living expenses are pretty low as well; they count up to $6000 per year, which is why this one is the favorite location for international students.


This country offers free tuition to students from all countries of the globe regardless of the program they are enrolled. However, international students need to obtain a residence permit that will take up some money but rest assured, living costs are pretty reasonable too.


In Scotland, there is a Student Awards Agency that can pay your tuition fee for university whether you are from Scotland itself or from other EU countries. However, international students have to pay some amount but there are multiple scholarships to make it easier. That’s why it’s one of the most popular countries where people study for free.


India offers a perfect blend of relatively low tuition costs and great cultural diversity. Tuition charges may vary depending on what program or course you are enrolled in, but usually do not exceed $7300, which makes it pretty affordable for students looking to study abroad.

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