Coolest Tourist Spots To Check Out

In case you are sick of college, work, and already planning your summer vacation even when your bank balance disagrees, let’s take you on a mental trip to these 7 fine places across the world that every human needs to see. Here are the best tourist spots.

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Marrakesh in Morocco

This beautiful city is a collection of the loveliest gardens, mosques, and palaces that will make you want to stay there forever. The medieval city offers you the most thrilling combination of alleys that will surely make you get lost in a place you don’t know. There are also loads of markets where you can buy cool things and pretend you’re cultured even though you don’t know what you bought.

Great Wall of China: A Favorite Tourist Spot

This historic place is a combination of uneven steps and twists and turns, but still so unbelievably beautiful that every tourist dreams of visiting it. Not only is it a magnificent architectural feat but a symbol of power making it through several dynasties. It would be a great spot if you want to kill someone in a badass way.

 Istanbul in Turkey

A symbol of romance from the Byzantine times; Istanbul is a charming city which is a perfect location for tourists to spend their vacations in. If you are looking for a place that holds something from every culture that ever resided in it, Istanbul is waiting for you.

 Blue Lagoon in Iceland

This is a spa in the milky blue waters that is like a paradise for tourists.  Be sure to filthy rich before you come here though, the entry cost are too high. But it’s definitely worth going to. A little bonus is the mineral rich water that will improve your skin. Just don’t drink it to cure other diseases, its not magical water.

Hanoi in Vietnam

With overcrowded streets, this beautiful city offers you a blend of the world’s most popular cultures from Asia and even France. Hanoi is characterized with narrow streets, temples and overcrowded markets that you really need to see once in your lifetime.

Rome in Italy

Influential in art, culture and architecture, Rome definitely has a lot to offer to tourists. It has historical places and ruins from the great Roman Empires that you need to see for yourself. Visit these beautiful ancient ruins before your crippling worries make you a ruin too.

Paris in France

The city of love should be on top of every tourists list because everything from the Eiffel Tower to Shangri-La and those cuisines is simply romantically serene. The fashion capital lined with designer boutiques and cultural cafes has the power to bring you to the street if you ever take a trip with your girl here.

Start saving up some money so that you can explore these tourist spots!

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