Clever Ways to Make Use of Old Items

Don’t you just hate it when your favorite things break or get too old to be kept, like your sanity, and also physical items around your house? Well, you’d be surprised at how many of them can be reused in creative and interesting ways to brighten up your home. The following is a list of things you can make use of old items.

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Turn an Old Photo Frame into an Earring Holder

So when you’re in the mood to dance and accidentally break your photo frames don’t just throw it in the bin and try to hide it from your mother. Just run a wire across the frame and make as many levels as you want. Then use it as a new earring holder!

Make Flip Flips from Old Ones

If the strap of your comfortable flip-flops has become loose, instead of throwing them away, use a little fabric and creativity to renew them and get brand new sandals! In fact, the strap of the new ones can be made from old worn-out shirts.

Make Adorable Bags Out of Old Jeans

We all have those pair of jeans that we never wear but also never throw out of the closet. They always haunt us while we’re organizing our wardrobe. But fear not! For we have a way to make them useable again. Just cut out the jeans and make them into accessories to decorate your bags in.

Denim Jeans Baskets

Another way to make those jeans usable is to convert them into baskets! Put all your junk in the basket instead of drawers. Get creative and decorate it with anything you’d like. This way, you will always have your old jeans with you.

Create Art from Cracked Plates

Instead of looking at the broken plates in dismay, paint on them a little and make them useable again by gluing it back if the pieces are big enough. Attach a hook on them to hang them on the wall and create your own decoration.

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