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Are you looking for something interesting to awaken your bored soul? Check out the coolest things around the internet. It will make you laugh and at times even wonder. There’s a great chance you would learn something new. Even if you don’t, you will still enjoy the experience.

Why Elon Musk Is A Blessing

Rightfully nicknamed the “real life Tony Stark”, this guy has transformed the world in ways no one could have imagined. He set forth a precedence for everyone to follow by creating revolutionary projects that put …

Vacation In Cool Affordable Places

Do you ever have the sudden burst of energy to travel around the world but that motivation is instantly crushed when you realize you have no money in your account? Well fret not! There are …

Coolest Tourist Spots To Check Out

In case you are sick of college, work, and already planning your summer vacation even when your bank balance disagrees, let’s take you on a mental trip to these 7 fine places across the world …

Best Libraries in the World

Is your happy place a library too? Mine definitely is; what other place could give you that amount peace, and happiness? Well, McDonalds and Starbucks obviously but other than that I meant. For all the booklovers out there, here is a lover’s paradise- a collection of the coolest libraries of the world!