Build The Perfect Study Plan Using These Tips

With the exam season approaching, all of us need the perfect study plan that will not only help us ace those finals but will help us not to lose our minds entirely and come out of that exam hall unscathed.

Here’s how you can do it.


The first step to building a study plan is to figure out which subjects and topics are easier to do. Prioritize them because they can be done in a shorter time so you’ll have a lot of time to focus on the hard parts. Plus, the brain feels cooler when it completes a task, no matter what the difficulty. So, study efficiently!


Students tend to overestimate their capabilities and attention span by allocating large chunks of time to each topic or by aiming to complete an entire chapter in one go. Always study in 20-minute time blocks with a ten to fifteen-minute break after each block. Don’t go all Superman on us.

Reward Yourself

Plan out how you will reward yourself after every 20-minute study period. Have a light snack, listen to music, go for a run and do anything that will relieve the accumulated stress. Rewards like these will keep you motivated.

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Find Your Learning Style

Give yourself plenty of time to just read the text, listen to an audiobook, or view a tutorial online. One of those things might help you retain the information better, identify that and stick to it.

Test Yourself

Always test your newly gained knowledge. Don’t be lazy and do it the night before the exam. You’ll probably won’t get most of the answers right and end up hating yourself, and that is so not the time to remember your existential dread

Take Time Out for Yourself

If you’re not sleeping and eating properly, you’re most likely to abandon your study schedule due to the stress caused by hunger and insomnia. Leave yourself plenty of time for sleep and make sure to eat some proper, balanced diet rich in glucose and proteins.

Find the Perfect Place to Study

Make sure you figure out which conditions are optimum for you and try changing your environment if you feel like you cannot study in one area continuously. Evaluate your preferences and remember to include these in your plans.

Happy studying! Rock those finals and show ‘em what you got!

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