8 Easy 90s Hairstyles That Will Glam Up Your Look

Yes, the 90’s had some terrible things like blatant racism and sexism, but it had some really nice fashion trends that people have brought back. Only this time, stylists and fashion gurus have added twists to the old hair trends bringing bold yet nuanced looks to the forefront. So here is a list of the easiest ones that will not only save you some time so you can focus on your makeup (let’s face it; needs to be on-point) but will be sure to make the crowd go crazy for your style.

The “Rachel” Look

Source: Pinterest

We all know and love this popular look played by Rachel Greene on the show friends and people have forgot about it for some reason. It’s simple yet fun and I think we need to bring it back.

Half-Up Hairstyles

Source: Indique Hair

Half-up hairstyles are perfect for the days when you don’t want to go out with your hair down or just want to experiment with your locks! Not only can these be manipulated to look chic and classy but paired with the right accessories, they can add fun to your look, glamming it up to the next level.

French and Dutch Braid

Source: Number 4 Hair

Braiding might seem intimidating and complicated, but it’s really just about learning the pattern and then practicing them every day like Satanists do their rituals. Add twists to it to get yourself a complete look.

Mini Braids

Source: Hair Drome

Mini braids are a perfect hairstyle if you want something cute but don’t have the time because you overslept yet again for your morning class. Do this if you want something new, fishtail mini braids coupled with messy hair will be sure to accentuate your style in a subtle yet bold manner.

Hair Jewelry

Source: Hairz Style

Invest in pieces of hair jewelry to make your hair look all decorated and nice. If you don’t want a glitzy look but would like to keep it simple, then buy metallic, bobby pins and barrettes for your hair.

Middle Part

Source: Zimbio

Now, many people might not be fans of this 90s look but executed the right way; hairstyles with middle parts can rejuvenate your entire look. Less is more! It’ll delude people into thinking you have your shit together.

Space Buns

Source: Tuoke

Formerly known as rave buns, this particular hairstyle is bound to amplify your entire style! Make sure to give your space buns a bit volume and play with side tendrils to ‘mess’ up your look.

Cute Pigtails

Source: YouTube

Who said only kids could rock pigtails? If done right, especially on shorter hair, pigtails can add child-like innocence to your look and soften it. Be sure to add the rumpled effect to this look and pair it with a few side tendrils and you’re good to go.

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