7 Methods to Fight Tiredness

Hey, it’s no truth that life is shit and humans are even shittier so dealing with all that can make you much more tired than should be normal. But we here at Dankanator care! So we got to searching, found some easy ways to feel active, and refreshed throughout the day.

Eat healthy to stay active

Sorry folks fast food has got to go, replace it with real food that actually helps you stay energized and active. While candies and chocolates can be tempting, they aren’t healthy for you. Avoid foods with too much sugar. Instead, go for a tasty food salad. Here is a link for some recipes on that if you’re a lazy fuck like us. Nuts, granola bars, or fruits as snacks help as well.

Exercise regularly

You might be thinking, ‘Wait… doesn’t exercise make you feel more exhausted?’ You’re right about that, hon, but that’s only in the short term. Exercise helps you stay active in the long run. Start with just walking and increase your workout plan gradually. It also helps pump blood smoothly, making you feel relaxed and calm. So, put on your joggers, and run on the nearest track!

Get Enough Sleep

Didn’t we all use to sing “Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise”? People, it was not just a nursery rhyme. It’s a life lesson. Seriously. An adult needs about a minimum of 8 hours sleep every day, something that we all neglect when we are consumed in the day’s activities.

Reduce Stress to Boost Energy

It’s natural for you to be stressed currently but it ends up taking a severe toll on your mental health and wastes your time. You could instead use this time to calm yourself. It’s best to invest it in some relaxing activity, such as playing card games, doing gym, reading books, or listening to music etc. Do whatever relaxes you, and will undoubtedly feel more pumped up to complete your work!

Avoid Caffeine

You need to cut off caffeine from your routine to feel less tired. Which means no caffeinated drinks such as coffee, tea, and cold drinks. Taking coffee might boost you up temporarily, but it decreases your potential to work without it after some time. Some might face withdrawal symptoms, which affect your physical health.

Drink Lots and Lots of Water

Have you ever noticed in movies or books when the hero or the heroine has to listen to some very bad news, he is dramatically advised to sit down and have a glass of water after he listens to it? Well they weren’t doing it for shits and giggles, it’s because water has the effect to instantly calm you down.

Take Therapy

Sometimes you might feel tired because there’s a lot on your mind and it’s eating you inside with no way to be removed. Thus, it’s always advisable to consult a therapist, and talk about what you feel. You can consult the type of therapist you want, and talk through your pain. It will definitely remove your fatigue, not only for the day, in fact it might be able to lift off a burden from your chest.

Rule Out Health Problems

Yes, there might be a possibility that you have some medical issues, which might make you feel tired more often than other people. Fatigue is common in diseases like diabetes, cardiac problems, arthritis and anemia. So get yourself checked out if you feel unusually tired for most part of the day.

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