7 Dumbest Conspiracy Theories

We’ve all have given thought to some crazy conspiracy or the other. The theories are always floating around on the internet. Theories such as Siri invading our privacy to lizard people controlling the world, you probably have come across a few of them. However, some conspiracy theories are so ridiculous it will make you wonder what drugs compelled people to come up with them.

We compiled a list of some of the best ones.

The Moon Isn’t Real

Some fanatics think the moon doesn’t exist. Apparently, it’s very hard to believe that a huge white sphere is circling the earth and affecting our climate exists. Really, it’s a hologram. Among these moon deniers are people who believe the moon landing was fake. It’s okay to be slightly suspicious, but completely denying the existence of the moon might make people deny the existence of your sanity.

Stevie Wonder Can See

Due to some sketchy evidence, some theorists think Stevie Wonder can see. The man’s an excellent musician and has been blind since birth. Who would have the patience to fake such a big aspect of their life? People really need to get other hobbies because thinking isn’t for them.

Antarctica is Pro-Nazi

Get this; Antarctica is harboring a massive Nazi force, with much better technology than the rest of the world, patiently waiting for their time to strike. Of course, the low temperatures don’t pose any problems to the secret empire, so we will have to see if global warming brings them out; if you believe in global warming that it.

The Moon Landing Was Staged

*Gasp* didn’t you know? Stanley Kubrick, the genius behind, “2001: A Space Odyssey” made a fool out of the entire world, alongside NASA. They faked pictures of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin for kicks and giggles. Or so some crazy people like to believe. Who knows what really happened?

Shark Tale

Once upon a time, in the land of Egypt, lived sharks, who loved to spy. Forget about spy kids, when you have spy sharks. Conspiracy theorists lost their minds when shark attacks in Egypt drove people away from the beaches, and a governor attributed this to Israeli Spy Sharks. However, it was just the poor scientists trying to observe sharks in their natural habitat through GPS.

Avril Lavigne’s Doppelgänger

This is not the Vampire Diaries, where Katherine always succeeded in behaving like Elena. Apparently, the sk8ter boy singer committed suicide and was replaced by Melissa Vandella, courtesy of Avril’s parents, after their alleged divorce. Here is our advice to those who believe in clones, and doppelgangers: get a better life, before your evil twin steps in. 

Hellish Airports

Since getting lost at an airport and losing your luggage weren’t the worst things to worry about, conspiracy theorists are trying to make you believe that Denver International Airport is hell. Literally. There’s a two-part documentary, which explores the devilish nature of the airport. The runways form a swastika, a secret underground death camp, and evil artwork dedicated to Illuminati.

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