6 Horror Movies Worth Watching

We’ve all watched our fair share of horror movies in our lifetimes. From weird and cringy to interesting and thrilling, all kinds of horror movies exist. Some are so fun and realistic to watch, that they are not only entertaining to watch but also scary as fuck. On the right note though, horror movies burn calories, so that’s a nice motivation for someone like me! Good luck y’all, don’t curse me! Here’s a list of 6 horror movies worth watching.

The Shining

A classic you probably already saw. But it’s worth watching again to enjoy the horrors of it again. Our main character Jack Torrance housesits a haunted hotel with his wife and kid. The supernatural forces that lurk inside invade Jack’s brain and make him a danger for his family. The portrayal will give you goosebumps.

The Ju-On series

This original Japanese version of ‘The Grudge’ uses the idea of an old home with an ancient curse. Long ago a jealous man who suspects his wife is having an affair, murders her and their son and dog in anger. That starts a series of events that kills many and spares none. An interesting plot with really good acting.


A couple adopts an innocent girl that looks like she came straight from heaven. But what’s inside her may be from hell. The lives of the couple takes a dark turn when they bring in a seemingly pure and precious child into their homes.

A Tale of Two Sisters

This South Korean horror film is one of its kinds with an entirely different lookout, unimaginable twists and turns to keep you hooked up. It’s centered on two sisters and their really fucked up family and a dead member of it haunting them. It’s shocking, fun and definitely worth watching.

The Conjuring

Always tried to relieve your mind with the fact that horror movies are just crazy movie effects and not based on real stories? Well, this one brings to you the story of a real family living in a house and the deadly things that occurred really did happen.

The Exorcist (1973)

This movie remains one of the finest ones in the category of horror films, and people were hospitalised after watching this on cinema screens. That’s not surprising if you consider the dreadful story where a literal demon possesses a young girl. The priest and family desperately try to bring the girl back and the acting is done so realistically you’ll be on the edge of your seats.

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