5 Facts Pharmaceutical Companies Hide From You

You boasted that you don’t trust easily. Well, the joke’s on you because you have handed your life to these pharmaceutical companies run by corporate people you don’t even know! Probably never thought about it but they are hiding facts that shouldn’t be hidden.  Here are 6 things to know about these pharmaceutical companies, which I bet they never wanted us to know!

Different packaging

Yes, as morally disgusting as it sounds, pharmaceutical companies create different packages and names for a similar drug. It’s eerily similar to the way we went through various personality phases in high school. They do this because they want to make it attractive for a particular group of people or gender. Those sneaky bitches.

Paying doctors to sell their products more

You thought you get medicines accurately based on what you need. Nope, not anymore (sincere thanks to pharmaceutical companies). These companies pay doctors to prescribe their drugs more. Yes, doctors become their bitches. So even if there is a better option; doctors will follow the money and recommend prescriptions from these pharmaceutical companies as long as it is relevant to your disease.

Publishing false articles

Medical journals are not as accurate as they seem! They sometimes purposefully add in misleading information in it to ensure that the people buy the new drugs (with substantial side effects). They also pay reputable doctors to get their names on the article, so others find it easy to believe.

Fake television advertisements

You see those medical commercials on TV all the time that insist on the drugs being safe. Well, they are not, and those ‘safe’ drugs have adverse side effects! So be sure to do proper research before buying into those models running around when they have diarrhea. Plus, no one runs around happy when they’re sick, so that should have been a red flag before we even told you this.

Salesmen do the dirty work

Fake television Advertisements
Image- Hemas

All those salesmen giving extra details about a particular drug and continually emphasizing how it’s a cure to all world problems is because they are paid to do so. Well, their salesmen, exaggerating details and leaving out bad shit is in their damn job description. Doctors probably give in because this messed up system is rooted and hard to fix overnight.

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